We Keep the Island
Wild & Green

Our Sustainable Philosophy

We’re passionate about sharing this stunning corner of the world with you, but not at the risk of harming it.

That’s why, we developed Isla Palenque with the highest standards in sustainability without sacrificing an ounce of island comfort.

We utilize renewable materials for sustainable and low-impact construction. We use locally-sourced biodegradable products and serve all-organic foods. We employ local staff and educate them, our local community, and our guests in an enjoyable, inspiring way.

We steep your experience in the comfort that comes from knowing you’re living in harmony with the local community and your natural surroundings.

Nature Conservation

Nature Conservation

Keeping Things How
Mother Nature Intended

Immersed in 400-acres of rainforest and surrounded by pristine waters, we feel a strong duty towards our natural surroundings. Learn about our approach to nature conservation here.

Our Staff & Community

Supporting Our Community Through Sustainable Development Projects

We believe the concept of “local” is key to sustainable hospitality. Find out here how we’re supporting our local communities.

Everyday Sustainability

Keeping It Green & Clean

Sustainability is in our DNA. Read about the feel-good food you’ll eat, the inspiring experiences you’ll have, and explore some of our everyday responsible practices here.

Our Woodshop

Meaningful Luxury

“A 400-acre island which is a pristine jungle bordered by lovely beaches with secret caves and tide pools. This eco-resort has achieved the founder’s dream by “treading so lightly on the land that our footprints go almost unnoticed.” Sometimes one needs an escape from every day normalcy to appreciate what normalcy should be. Isla Palenque is THE place.”

– Emilie, Panama City

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