The Island is Our
Greatest Luxury Amenity

Nature Conservation

400-acres of pure rainforest. A privileged location at the boundary of the Gulf of Chiriquí National Marine Park. At Isla Palenque we are truly privileged to be immersed in Mother Nature at its most pristine.

Everyday we do our best to keep it that way.

Sustaining The Land

We’re “Feel-Good” Developers

Do you know that the right kind of development can sustain land instead of depleting it?

Once upon a time, the farmers who lived here were accustomed to cutting down old-growth trees, eating endangered animals, and raising pigs and cows that erode the soil. Fast forward to today, environmental experts confirm that the island will get healthier with our development.

For construction, we use exclusively sustainable hardwood sources and rapidly renewable material to avoid deforestation. We’re also working to educate and train local workers in sustainable farming practices that enable them to provide for their families without the need for deforestation.

Volunteer Reforestation Program

Leave Your Mark on
Isla Palenque

We invite all of our guests to contribute to our reforestation program by transplanting a primary rainforest seedling to an area of secondary growth. We’ll teach you all about your chosen tree and its role in the ecosystem, and make sure to nurture it for years to come.

Clean & Pristine Beaches

Keeping everything spotless. From our beaches to Boca Chica

Every month our staff volunteers to help clean up Boca Chica’s public dock and beaches, the snorkeling and island hopping area of Bolaños and Gamez, and the surrounding town.

We encourage the locals to get involved too, educating them on the importance of waste management, recycling and the avoidance of plastic. With the Gulf of Chiriqui National Marine Park at our doorstep, it’s even more vital to get things right for the health of this ecosystem.

At One with Nature

“As soon as you step onto the island, it’s clear that the developer made a conscious effort to blend the resort into the natural setting of the island. The architecture is a perfect match for the surroundings, and gives the resort an overall feeling of belonging to the island. Whether you’re relaxing in your room, hanging out by the pool, or dining under at Las Rocas, you are immersed in all that is Isla Palenque.”

– Nick, Colorado

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