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About Isla Palenque

Discovering a Place with Presence

Robinson Crusoe by Joseph Conrad. That was the book that spurred Benjamin Loomis to go live on an island.

For the last 5 years, Ben has lived on Isla Palenque — frequently sleeping in a hammock by the ocean— completely enamored by this place and its rich, mysterious history.

An Ancient Past
You see, Isla Palenque was home to an ancient, pre-Columbian community. The island’s beauty and mystery made it a sacred site for the most holy of ceremonies. Indigenous tribes called it “Palenque”, meaning sanctuary.

Hundreds of years later, the island continued to exist as a secluded preserve for rare primary forest and hundreds of species of plants, flowers, animals, and birds.

Embracing the Spirit of Place
Taken by this rare and wondrous place, Ben used his knowledge as an architect and design-builder to develop the island, taking care to maintain the extraordinary spirit that he discovered here.

From the design, to the furniture, to the Secrets of the Island Tour — and even the Casita names themselves — you will feel Ben’s reverence for the island.

Today, Isla Palenque is a sanctuary for curious travelers who seek an idyllic destination of natural beauty and ancient history. As a luxury island resort with eight modern Casitas and a Villa Estate, it is the first of its kind in Panama.

Welcome to the wonderful world of Isla Palenque. It’s right out of a page of your favorite, fantasy island novel.

Isla Palenque Resort is a proud member of the Cayuga Collection of Sustainable Luxury Hotels & Lodges. Through its environmental awareness efforts and sustainability programs, Isla Palenque represents a new generation of hoteliers leading the way for intelligent luxury travel.

Get to the Island

A Sanctuary from Civilization

“Isla Palenque is a wonderful once in a lifetime experience. It gives you the experience of living in the wild, right it the jungle and at the same time offers you the possibility to relax in luxurious accommodation and enjoy high class cuisine.”

– Vivien, Germany