All That You’ll Touch is
“Of The Island”

Artisan Carpenter’s Wood Shop
at Isla Palenque

“Taller Ciego” — these are the words carved into wood and posted at the entrance to the Artisan Carpenter’s Wood Shop at Isla Palenque.

Inside this island furniture lab, our carpenters spend their days surrounded by huge chunks of hardwood. They’ve turned out beautiful dry bars, handsome trail markers, benches, chairs, tables, armoires and all manner of furnishings that you’ll see and touch on our island resort.

Each piece is a one-of-a-kind work of art.

We like to think of it as “island contemporary”: Of the island, in a style that harmonizes with our natural surroundings, and hand-crafted for the tastes of modern travelers like you.

The wood we use for our island furnishings — most were from fallen trees from a “ten-year storm” that rocked the island in 2012. Ten big trees came to the wood shop in a single night of extreme weather. Additional wood has come from other islands — again, fallen trees and driftwood recovered from our beaches.

And the name? The final test for every piece of furniture to come out of the woodshop as “finished”, is a blind test performed by owner Ben Loomis. He runs his hand over the surface to check if it’s been sanded smooth enough, if the piece is juuust right.

Hence, “Taller Ciego” — the Blind Workshop.

Hand-Crafted at Isla Palenque

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