Seven Beaches at Isla Palenque2018-08-29T20:54:55+00:00

Beachfront Paradise

Miles of Secluded Shores to Explore

Secluded or sprawling – however you prefer your beaches, we have seven to choose from. With almost one for every Beachfront Casita, you’ll find ultimate privacy and calm waters on whichever you wish to explore.

Roll out of bed for a morning stroll on the 1.3km, crescent-shaped Playa Palenque. Return at sundown with a tropical cocktail to watch the sky turn fiery. And for those adventurous spirits, duck into the rainforest to emerge on our hidden sands where iguanas sunbathe and wild oysters grow. There’s nowhere you’ll feel closer to nature and further from the everyday.


Seven Idyllic Shores

“Isla Palenque, by virtue of its location, offers an amazing ocean experience. Secluded beaches, warm water, and beautiful scenery. Whether just lounging and the beach, swimming, paddle boarding, or hiking along the coast, the ocean in this part of the world is stunning. Large tides create changing landscapes and many places to explore, and calm, warm waters lend themselves to a lot of time in the water.”

– Nick, Colorado