Needs You Never Knew You Had

Everything you need, right nearby.  When you’re at home, that probably means there’s a bank on your block, a grocery store down the street, and plenty of entertainment in your neighbourhood.  But when you take a luxury vacation in the beautiful country of Panama, the humdrum requirements of everyday life evaporate, and you discover a whole different set of needs.  So what are they?

Intimate connection with nature… eye-opening experiences in the wilderness… feeling like you’ve got a paradise island all to yourself – just to name a few.  For direct access to all of this and more, you can’t do much better than Isla Palenque.  Here on the island you’ll find nature at its rawest, its densest and most pristine.  And on our doorstep, you’ll find the Gulf of Chiriquí’s most precious gem: the Gulf of Chiriquí National Marine Park.

Island & Ocean Adventures

Explore the pristine Gulf of Chiriquí National Marine Park from Isla Palenque

This national marine park encompasses 14,740 hectares of tropical forest and aquatic ecosystems, with over two dozen islands and 19 coral reefs.  And at Isla Palenque, that means immediate access to lush jungles, abundant wildlife, and warm, beautiful waters.  You can follow your fancy into the park, exploring other paradisiacal islands, walking along the soft white sands of their untouched beaches, venturing into the trees just beyond the shore to glimpse exotic birds and playful monkeys… And when the shimmering waters lure you in, you’ll find equally varied sights while snorkelling and diving in the area.  Everything you need, right nearby.

If you are planning a Panama vacation, this incredible natural destination is a must-see.  Here in the Gulf of Chiriquí, nature gets into the soul, opens the mind and leaves its unforgettable mark on everyone who visits.

Nature at Isla Palenque

A kind of nature that gets into the soul

Ready for an escape back to nature?  Chat to us below about our guided island tours and ocean adventures, or drop us a note at  You can also discover the island experience here.  We’ll be waiting for you in the wilderness.

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