The Iconic Species of Isla Palenque

At Isla Palenque, with just eight new Beachfront Casitas and a Villa Estate, there’ll only ever be a handful of guests exploring our 400-acre island at a time.  In fact, it’s not uncommon for our guests to feel like they have the place all to themselves.  But they’d be wrong!  In reality, we’re outnumbered by the “locals”.  Here at Isla Palenque, we share the rainforest, the beaches and the surrounding Gulf of Chiriquí with all manner of exotic creatures, both great and small – and you won’t have to look hard to see them.  While some are elusive, you can be sure to see others no matter how brief your stay…

Howler Monkeys

There’s a hint in the name – you’ll almost certainly hear these noisy monkeys before you see them!  They stick together in troops, playfully swinging through the treetops in search of snacks.  They’re not at all shy – gaze up at them in fascination and they’ll probably look right back at you with the same curiosity!

Wildlife at Isla Palenque

Howler Monkeys – You’ll Hear Them Before You See Them!

Green Iguanas

These prehistoric-looking reptiles rule the beaches at Isla Palenque.  There’s no deserted island experience quite like emerging from the trees to see a family of them relaxing by the ocean.  But don’t worry, once you arrive they’ll ditch the sands for jungle with a quick flick of their 5ft tails – they prefer to sun themselves in private!

Panama Wildlife

Green Iguanas – Find Them Along The Beaches At Isla Palenque

Humpback Whales

Just off the shores of Isla Palenque in the Gulf of Chiriquí National Marine Park, we receive some impressive visitors every year.  From around June through October, the humpback whales migrate from colder climes to our warm, tropical waters to give birth and rear their young.  Time your trip right and you’ll be glad – if there was ever an iconic and humbling wildlife experience, it’s seeing these gentle giants breaching just feet from the boat.

Whale Watching Panama

Humpback Whales – Time Your Trip Right To See Them In The Gulf Of Chirquí

For some five years we’ve been cultivating our knowledge of Isla Palenque’s native species through exploration, photo documentation, and study, often with the guidance of visiting biologists and environmental experts.  What we’ve discovered is a fascinating, interconnected world on the island, one which we work hard to interpret for our adventurous guests.

While we cannot guarantee that your stay at Isla Palenque will afford glimpses of our rarer residents (such as three-toed sloths, agoutis, nine-banded armadillos, margays and Northern Tamandua anteaters), we like to think that if there’s a possibility then there’s a probability.  It’s the scope for these incredible wildlife encounters that we live for on Isla Palenque – each one is as unique and memorable as the next.

Volunteer Reforestation Program

Inspired to explore?  Join our expert guides at Isla Palenque on a selection of complimentary island tours to discover the iconic wildlife that thrives under every leaf and up every tree.  Chat to us below or read more about the Wonderful World of Isla Palenque.

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