At Isla Palenque, fresh food is an ingredient essential to blissful island life.  Naturally, we’re big on seafood too.  That’s why we’re proud to announce the arrival of the community-supported fishery program, Dock to Dish, to Isla Palenque and Panama.  We’re one of nine sustainable luxury Cayuga Collection properties that are establishing the program in order to protect our surrounding ecosystems, preserve artisanal fishing traditions, and provide our chefs and guests with access to hyper-local, sustainable, and premium seafood.

Partnering with Dock to Dish, we support artisanal fishermen from Boca Chica

Recognized as a “breakthrough innovation” by the United Nations Foundation in 2017, Dock to Dish programs help to steer participating members away from species targeting, putting them “on a path to healthy, valued and understood oceans”.  As part of this partnership dedicated to sourcing artisanal and low-impact wild seafood, we’ll receive daily deliveries of the freshest, most abundant fish from select local fishermen based in nearby Boca Chica; in return, we’ll make sure they’re always paid well for their hard work.  More than an innovation, it feels like a return to the good old days of fishing. Catch of the day is back.

With Dock to Dish, we receive the freshest, most abundant fish at Isla Palenque on a daily basis

“For years we have worked very closely with the Cayuga Collection, creating customized community-supported fishery programs at their award-winning resorts in a partnership that is rooted deeply in shared values.  Together we design Dock to Dish initiatives with a three-way focus on strengthening the community, conserving local resources, and generating the smallest carbon footprint possible.  The Cayuga vision of true sustainability is authentic and comprehensive, and they view everything through the lens of their guests’ experiences. This unique approach enables them to lead by example and fulfil their mission of providing travel done differently.” – Sean Barrett, Dock to Dish Co. Founder

Fond of seafood? We’ll only ever serve you the freshest catch of the day at Isla Palenque

Keen to try the fish from our very island shores? We invite you to come and taste our delicious fresh catch ceviches, our grilled garlic lobster, our coconut fish curry and more. Try your hand at fishing the traditional way too.

For more information on Dock to Dish, our artisanal or inshore/offshore fishing experiences, or to make a reservations, contact us at


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